A Glimpse In…from the Academic Outside
November 7, 2011, 12:18 pm
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All’s been ‘quiet’ here on the Artisanal Front, as the writing energies flowed in an unexpected direction…toward the church. How about that. So, for conversation and consideration, on your leadership-development path, I offer “an open letter” to a branch of the Body of Christ. It’s length means that this represents a couple weeks’ worth of posting. (Not to worry–I noticed and will continue to honor that in your schedule.) Given the commonalities in this Body, across denomination and tradition, I suspect there might be some good food for thought for your own context, your own discipleship. May it be so.


The Rev. Lisa M. Hess, PhD


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I always enjoy reading these posts. I liked what you talked about. We do live in a wounded world. I like the talk about trust. These posts are always enlightening. I enjoy reading them every week.

Comment by Michelle Wilkey

I stayed focused on the church . In discipleship , we must not only train others , but we must also lend our ears to hearing what others are saying . I always tell my sunday school teachers , childrens church and youth leaders to make sure that they are hearing what others are having to say . We must keep communication alive .

Comment by Thomas Miles

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